About mr crypto

Mr Crypto is an information website for price-tracking of crypto assets within the rapidly growing cryptocurrency arena. It’s mission is to make crypto more accessible and efficient throughout the world. Mr Crypto empowers retail users with unbiased and high quality information.

Founded by William Parker back in 2015 formerly known as Bitcoin Bug. William then decided to take Bitcoin Bug to the next level in offering a much more informative solution to the cryptocurrency world. Mr Crypto hopes to one day become a trusted source for users, institutions and media for comparing thousands of cryptocurrencies.

From prices to charts it’s users will be able to see a constant and up to date live price of any digital currency of their choice. There’s even a chatroom for users to create their own private rooms as well as join the existing popular chat rooms.

The data shown on Mr Crypto is accurate, timely and unbiased information.

Mr Crypto will reach hundreds of millions of users per year through various avenues such as website, mobile app (coming soon), newsletter, blog, social media and annual conferences.

If you would like to advertise on Mr Crypto, please email us advertising@mr-crypto.net. If your interested in editorial prospects on our blog, write to us at blog@mr-crypto.net.

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